CONSTRUCTION - less is more

The FRAME GUITAR consists of a full-length neck with two removable side parts, the so-called Frames. The Frames are plugged on two stainless steel pins, each one equipped with a tension ring for fastening. The Frames themselves for this purpose have two stainless steel sleeves with a groove in which the tension ring snaps into place. This ensures a reliable connection which on the other hand may be removed easily. The frames are covered with cell-rubber.
The strings are attached to a tailpiece at the end of the fingerboard where the head is usually located. Below the bridge is the headstock with the tuning machines. The bridge has individual string saddles to adjust intonation and string height. The string saddles are equipped with RMC pickups.
A small opening at end of the neck gives access to the two-way adjustable truss rod. The electronics are custom made by Noll Electronic. On the back is the battery compartment as well as the jack plate with the output jack.
All relevant features such as scale length, neck width and string spacing are kept to the familiar dimensions. The weight of the ’Classical Guitar’ model is about 2.2kg. Only selected, air-dried timber is used. The tone wood for most FRAME Works Guitars is Mahogany and Ebony. Other woods are Khaya, Cedro and Maple. MIDI Guitars are available on request.